Pejman Giglou

Pejman Raeisi-Giglou, M.D., received his medical degree at the University of Toronto where he graduated with honors and high distinction. He completed his medical training in New York City and completed his internal medicine residency training at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. Dr. Raeisi-Giglou earned numerous awards which included multiple best resident awards. Before pursuing his passion of becoming a cardiologist, he worked as a staff physician at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation.

After completion of his cardiovascular medicine training at Case Western Reserve University, Dr. Raeisi-Giglou completed an extra year of advanced cardiac imaging training at the Ohio State University and obtained the highest level of Cardiac CT and Cardiac MRI training.

Dr. Raeisi-Giglou is quadruple board certified in internal medicine, cardiovascular medicine, nuclear medicine and echocardiography. He is also board certified in cardiac MRI. He is skilled in all non-invasive and cardiac imaging modalities.

With all his medical professional accomplishments, Dr. Raeisi-Giglou has a passion for fitness training, soccer, traveling and cooking.

Dr. Pejman Raeisi-Giglou will be seeing patients at PCA’s Orange Clinics.